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2000 KIMYA AMBALAJ PLASTIK MAKINE SAN. TIC.        Türkiye         
s boxes, coves, automotive parts, furniture parts, plastic parts, electronic components, dies, textile accessories, ready made garment accessories, hangers, reels, plastic buttons, pe, pp, pvc bottles, plastic caps for bottles
SERTPLAS OTO YAN SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s air brake tubes, automotive accessories, cables, caravan equipment, dc converters, electronic components, trailer, truck tail lights, lighting, air filters, mirrors, lightings, mirror, electrical parts, tail lamps, truck mirrors, reflectors, electrical part, truck mirror, marker lamps, general electrical parts
SERDAR PLASTIK        Türkiye         
s lighting elements, white goods components, automobile parts, electronic components, parts, hydraulic products
DLP ELECTRONICS CO. LTD.        Çin     katty du    
s potentiometers, resistor, dials, knobs, trimming potentiometers, linear potentiometers, precision potentiometers, electronic components, capacitor, connector, power resistor
GAURANG ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES        Hindistan     Bhupesh Trivedi    
s boxes, connectors, console, electronic components, enclosures, instrument cases, knobs, patch cords, pcb card guides, test prods
VIDEOLABS        Hindistan         
s electronic components, electronic components for repairs, electronics spare parts, industrial electronics, radio broadcast industry spare parts, tv broatcast industry spare parts
s electronic components, connector, diode, relay, semiconductor, switch
HK FUYUANXIN TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT        Çin     helen helen    
s capacitor, diode, electronic components, electronic instrument, ic, resistor, electronic components, ic, connectors, diode, sensor
s home appliance parts, terminal blocks, electronic components, lighting parts, terminal blocks
ZAVOLI POLARIS LTD. STI.        Türkiye     İhsan FIRAT    
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BESTAS A.S.        Türkiye     Onur Tatari    
s electronic components, household electronics, automotive electronics
FOCUS ELEKTRONIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Nimet YARDIMLI    
s electrical installation materials, cable, cables, cable accessories, industrial electrical electronic, connector, rail connectors, automotive connectors, industrial connectors, semiconductors, active circuit elements, passive circuit elements, integrated, connectors, led, military, display, passive, semiconductor, switch, switches, crimp, fan, igbt, sensors, transistors, electronic, defense, automotive, circuit breaker, capacitor, laboratory equipments, batteries, transformers, electronic components, terminals, cable lugs, fans, relay, circuit breakers, relays, sensor, speaker, single core cables, converters, fuses, indicators, power supplies, workshop equipments, armoured cables, transformer spare parts, transistor, laboratory test equipment, regulators, diodes, radar systems, pvc coated cables, thermal management and audio systems, buzzer, industrial-type circuit breakers, military type circuit breakers, compact circuit breaker, modular circuit breaker, led display products, led monitor, communication system components, cable protection accessories, defense industry system components, spare parts for the defense industry, soldering systems, desoldering systems, laboratory measuring instruments, auto led interior lighting, beacons, warning relay, audible warning units, transformer parts, power supply parts, electrical wiring accessories, electrical installation parts, radiofrequency products, cable connectors, wiring, electrooptics systems, special design lcd, avionic system products, multicore cables, crimps
LEADING IC DISTRIBUTOR LTD.        Çin     Leading(HK) IC Distributor Limited leading    
s capacitor, diodes, electronic components, inductor, integrated circuit, resistor, transistor
FUPA LIFT        Türkiye     Nureddin Akman    
s cabins, doors, electronic components, elevator components, elevator machines, guide rails, measurement tools, mechanical components, package lift, safety componenets, wire ropes
DIRENC KABLO        Türkiye         
s cable components, cable fittings, cables, capacitor, coils, computer cables, condenser, connectors, diode, electronic components, flat cables, hand tools, measurement devices, relay, terminals, test devices
VIETE GROUP LTD.        Çin     Lynn Liu    
s lcd module, lcd panel, lcd display, lcd screen, fog, transparent lcd display, display lcd, lcd display panels, lcd display module lcd display, lcd modules, electronic components, optoelectronic displays, electronics
TURAL SAVUNMA SIST.        Türkiye     Dolunay TURAL    
s defense systems, military defense systems, defense system parts, defense system materials, defense system products, electronic parts, electronic components, cables, military vehicle parts, military vehicle spare parts, m113, m113 vehicle parts, glass ballistic parts, periscopes, night vision systems, defense system, military defense system, defense system part, defense system material, defense system product, electronic part, electronic component, cable, military vehicle part, military vehicle, periscope, military vehicle spare part, m113 vehicle part, glass ballistic part, night vision system
TBP OTOMOTIV SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Esra KAHVECİ    
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