Turkish Optoelectronics Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish optoelectronics, Turkey optoelectronics manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality optoelectronics from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

OZDISAN ELEKTRONIK A.S.        Türkiye     Mustafa YURTTAŞ    
s power semiconductors, passive electric components, integrated circuits, electromechanical component, led lighting, lighting solutions, lihghting fixtures, led lights, led display, lcd displays, optoelectronics, sensors, industrial automations, connectors, interconnects, batteries, auto batteries, rechargable batteries, secondary batteries, non recharhable battris, valve regulated lead acid, motor driver, loadbreak connectors, signalling devices, operator panels, battery holders, inverter, invert, fasteners, clamps, inverters, distribution boards, insulators, transistor, network products, gas sensors, cable assembly, pcl modules, coaxial connectors, backplane connectors, cable assy, edgeboard connectors, fr antenna, lighting connectors, led light engine, accelerometers, infrared sensors, optical sensors, cable claps
TOPTRADEWAY MINING GROUP. TTW        Mısır     Naser A.Baqi    
s colored quartz, filter gravel, filter sand, glass, mineral raw materials, natural quartz sand, optoelectronics, pure quartz sand, quartz, quartz grains, quartz gravel, quartz grits, quartz lumps, quartz minerals, quartz powder, quartz sand, quartz silica, quartz silica lumps, quartz silica sand, silica, silica glass, silica powder, silica quartz, silica sand, silicon, silicon dioxide, white silica sand, silica, white silica quartz sand
SE-FA ELEKTRONIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mehtap Baysal    
s semiconductors, power circuits, passive components, optoelectronics, electromechanical, circuit protection elements, magnetic components, network products, sensor, sensors, connectors, converters, electro acoustics, connector, convertor, electro acoustic, magnetic component, network product, electronic, electronics, electronic components, active components, leds, led displays, lcd displays, tft displays, oled displays, ccd camera boards, relays, switches, encoders, circuit protectors, electric terminals, terminal blocks, fittings, fasteners, gas sensors, pir sensors, humidity sensors, pressure sensors, visual sensors, temperatura sensors, magnetic sensors, buzzers, convertors, ac-dc convertors, dc-dc convertors, igbt driver, pressure sensor, fastener, led display, fitting, relay, switch, led, led driver, terminal blocks, buzzer, gas sensor, led drivers, encoder, electronic component, magnetic sensor, pir sensor, lcd display, electric terminal, terminal block, humidity sensor, igbt drivers, active component, tft display, oled display, ccd camera board, circuit protector, visual sensor, temperatura sensor, ac-dc convertor, dc-dc convertor
EBV ELEKTRONIK TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s amplifiers, communication, data conversion, discrete, displays, dsp, embedded boards, filter, interface, kits and tools, lighting, logic and timing, memory, microcontrollers, optoelectronics, peripherals, power management, processor, lighting, displays, peripherals, filter, memory, amplifiers, communication, optoelectronics, processor, dsp
TURUS ELEKTRONIK SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s electronic, electrical, dc converters, non isoleted dc dc converter, mean well (dc dc converter), silver telecom pstn, ac converters, microwave, antenna, power modules, led, led products, sensors, av distributor, coil, inductor, filter, resistance, trimpot, thermistor, integrated, transistor, diode, flash memory, solar panel, control unit, indicator, vumeter, capacitor, buzzer, microphone, connector, socket, cabling, crystal, oscillator, resonator, op amps, optoelectronics, displays, relay, engine, fan, types of insurance, varistor, switch, button, rotary encoder, test equipment, tools, test pin, remote control systems, microprocessor, overseas stock